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Staffing Technologies, Inc. is continuing to add new services and products in order to improve our customers operations and productivity. Mark this page and keep checking back to get the latest on the new happenings!

Tax Update Reminder: Please install the 2001 federal, EIC and CA tax tables (sent to you via email) prior to processing payroll for the new year. Also, update your FICA limits for social security wages to $80,400.00 prior to processing any bonus checks or large payrolls. Instructions for each of these has been sent to you via email previously. Please contact technical support if you need assistance.

The Conductor Family

Conductor Lite Front office software for the staffing industry. For the office that uses a third-party package or a payrolling service to handle payroll and invoicing
Conductor Satellite Run your remote office with no leased lines cost using Conductor Satellite. Full Conductor software that allows exporting of timecard data back to the corporate office and imports accounting data back to the remote site for full reporting functionality.
HTML Reporter Create reports as web pages and post directly to your intranet or internet site. Use the built-in scheduler to automate the process of updating the information to your web site, eliminating the need to do so manually each day. See example reports of Current Job Openings, Weekly Order Activity,Weekly Sales Activity and Weekly Call Activity.

Recent Features added to Conductor

Ti3 FasTime Interface

Employees can enter time and availability via a voice or internet interface and customers approve time online. Electronic signatures are used to validate entry and passwords for approvals change each week for increased security. Approved time and availability is then directly imported into Conductor, eliminating data entry and reducing error rates.

Laser Checks

Conductor now supports laser printed checks using hardware solution that provides both high-speed printing for volume users and full security of printing at branch offices.

Aggregate and Weekly Activity Reporting

Additional consolidated reporting options. Aggregate reporting allow the user to select any time period to accumulate sales and payroll information and report across all areas and offices. Comparisons among offices and Sales representatives are among the reports available. The Weekly Activity Summary accumulates on a per-week basis, payroll, billing, order and applicant activity by office. Past time periods are retained, which permits trending analysis of the information.

Dispatch Sheet

Print a roster of those assigned to a job order, along with the job description, directions to the work place and any special instructions. This may then be taken to the job site to be used as a timecard and as a reminder as to exactly what duties are to be performed by the worker. This report may also fulfill any state requirements on notifying the worker as to the specifics of the job.

Time Clock Interface

Import time from Cignify and TimeClock Plus directly into Conductor. The information flows directly into timecards and checks and invoices may be printed with no additional data entry required.

401K Testing

Eliminate compiling statistics by hand. Enter the requirements for eligibility in your 401K plan and Conductor will search all of your databases and report the results.


Conductor now supports both laser-printed W2's and user-defined forms.

Track Expired Visa's

Conductor's tracking of work visas has been expanded to prevent accidental assignment of employees with expired work visa's onto job orders.

Re-Hire Dates

Track both original hire dates and re-hire dates for your temporary workers. State requirements for new hire reporting use the re-hire date, as appropriate, yet you can tell true longevity for your employees.

Copy Job Orders

In addition to automated order entry using Rate Sheets for customers, you may now copy job orders in their entirity with a single keystroke, either for the same or a new customer.

Third Party Software

Net Profit

There are billions of dollars of Federal &State tax credits just waiting to be claimed. Yet most of them never are.

Capture federal and state tax credits for employees you have put to work, with no extra data entry required. Using the information already in Conductor and the payroll you have processed throughout the year, you can recapture tax credits far in excess of the cost of the software (some customers have even paid for major network upgrades through just the federal tax credits alone).

TimeClock Plus DOS and Windows versions of this software enable you to have you employees (temporary or in-house) enter their time electronically. Full support for breaks, assigned shifts, job and/or department codes allow you to customize the software to fit your needs. The built-in import and export facilities allow easy integration with other software, such as Conductor (tm). The Windows version includes additional graphing capability, enabling you to manage and report on department and employee usage in new ways. The network version allows multiple clock points in a single plant, instantly integrating all TimeClock Plus data and allowing employees able to clock in and out from different terminals. Combine TimeClock Plus with modem access and you have the ability to remotely retrieve employee check-in data instantly -- no more wondering whether an employee showed up for a shift!

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